BlastTac®: A Leading Line of Blast Blankets and Blast Curtains

BlastTac® serves as a comprehensive approach to blast, ballistic, frag and fire protection. With a total of seven different series, BlastTac blast blankets and blast curtains are customized to fit your application.

The BlastTac line consists of seven different series of blast blankets and blast curtains including: AB, CB, SB, MB, FM, PB and XB. Each individual series offers its own capabilities in accordance with the safety demands of a variety of different industries.

Using unique technology, we engineered the AB series with versatility and durability to survive extreme conditions across the aerospace industry. The AB series is UL752 certified to level 1, 2 and 3 in bullet resistance. ArmourCore™ 132 technology provides for advanced protection against blast, ballistics and high-speed frag while Core Matrix Technology™ eliminates the need for layer counting, quilting and lamination.

We designed CB series blast blankets and blast curtains for use in the commercial and industrial industries. The CB series is effective against both deformable and non-deformable threats. Both 9865 Matrix™ and Unidirectional ArmourCore™ 121 technology absorb the impact of bullets and fragmentation while significantly reducing back-face trauma. Consumers can use the urethane coated 1050 deiner, U.S. Military Grade ballistic nylon for durability and waterproof protection.

BlastTac created the SB series for blast protection in the gas and oil industry. With manifold pressures running between 15,000 – 25,000 psi, the SB series is frag protection tested in addition to UL752 tested to level 1, 2 and 3 in bullet resistance. ArmourCore™ 127 technology also serves as superior protection against ballistic and fragmentation threats.

Due to increased threats of terrorism, shootings, IED’s and explosives affecting our police and military personnel, we designed the MB series. MB series blankets and curtains are Berry Amendment Compliant, military grade and UL752 Certified to levels 2 and 3 in bullet resistance. The MB series also uses 9865 Matrix technology™ to significantly reduce back-face trauma.

blasttac blast blankets blast curtains

BlastTac understands the demands of high security applications. Consumers can use our PB series multi-layer laminated poly-carbonate transparent sheets for high-level security areas as well as industrial testing, building protection, vehicle applications and more. Our PBG product (containment glazing) grade sheets can withstand the impact of sledge hammers and axes used for forced entry. The PBR product (bullet-resistant) and the PBM product (multiple shots) grades are superior in protection against ballistics and heavy automatic firearms. PB series applications include: government and detention facilities, banks, specialty retailers, industrial, testing facilities, vehicle applications and more.

XB series ballistic blast panels are permanent and temporary structures as they are lightweight, re-usable and easily transportable. As a result, consumers can use the XB series in applications including: military shelters, corporate manufacturing and testing, offices, oil and gas, building security, government buildings, event venues, schools, hospitals and hotels. XB series panels are Berry Amendment Compliant and UL752 certified to levels 1-8 in bullet resistance.

Fire Protection

FireMax® is applicable to any of our series for additional high-temperature, arc flash, chemical and fire protection. For exclusively fire protection, FireMax offers its own line of FM series thermal blankets and curtains. The FM series is truly non-flammable and therefore will not burn, melt, or ignite. Consumers can re-use FM series blankets and curtains even after direct flame and extreme heat exposure.

BlastTac blast curtains and blast blankets are portable, lightweight and more effective than steel. Chesapeake Testing, an independent lab in Maryland, tests and certifies our blankets and curtains. BlastTac is manufactured at Breton Industries, a U.S. Military Contractor located in Amsterdam, NY and established in 1949.

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