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When you need blast protection look no further than BlastTac® blast curtains and blast blankets. The new BlastTac line features standard UL752 Level 1 thru UL752 Level 3 ballistic and blast fragment protection. In addition, BlastTac can be engineered to a particular specification for custom applications. BlastTac blankets and curtains are encased in ballistic nylon for extreme durability and offer a variety of ways to attach or hang. Inside our ballistic nylon encasement we use our exclusive Core Matrix Technology™ which is a product of needle felting expertise. By infusing Z-directional staple-length fibers directly into the fabric stack, a unique new kind of “monolithic” fabric structure is created. This structure can significantly reduce back-face trauma while increasing ballistic and fragmentation performance. This unique engineering also eliminates or reduces the need for layer counting, quilting, and lamination. The unidirectional soft armor is added and is engineered for a high level of flexibility and strong performance against ballistic and fragmentation threats.
Core Matrix Technology™ material offers a highly predictable performance in all types of military, law enforcement, industrial and civilian applications. Ballistic protection products made with Core Matrix Technology™ are effective against deformable as well as non-deformable threats, which are actually more common and lethal than bullets.

BlastTac technology allows portable protection systems that are more effective than steel, and are incredibly lightweight, weighing only approximately 1/2 pound per sq ft.

BlastTac blast curtains and blankets are offered in several series including; Aerospace (AB Series), Industrial (CB Series), Oil and Gas (SB Series) Military and Police (MB Series) and FireMax® Fireproof Protection (FM Series). Our FireMax fireproof protection can be added to any of our series across the BlastTac line in addition to the existing ballistic, blast and frag protection capabilities. FireMax is certified to NFPA and ASTM standards.

BlastTac is the  leading supplier of blast protection blast curtains to a large number of customers including; Chevron, BP, TechnipFMC, TransOcean, Maersk Oil, Maersk Drilling, Nobel Drilling, Nabors, Rowan, Semco Maritime, Total, Halliburton, Ensco, Apergy (Dover), Hercules Offshore, Space X, Blue Origin, NASA, U.S. Army, GE Baker Hughes, U.S. Navy, Ford Motor Co., Praxair, Weir, and a host of others.  In addition,  BlastTac products are Berry Amendment Compliant.


Security levels for bullet-resistant systems have been established by UL752, Underwriters Laboratory, the primary testing organization for materials used in these systems. Each level has been tested and found effective at stopping certain types of projectiles. BlastTac blast curtains and blankets offer blast protection, ballistic protection and fire protection and are available in UL752 Level 1 thur Level 3 but can be engineered to counter different threat levels.

Our blast blankets/shields/curtains can be customized to:
  • Explosion-Blast Fragmentation
  • FireMax Fireproof
  • Noise
  • UV Exposure
  • Chemical Exposure
  • EMI/ RF shielding
Benefits / Options of BlastTac Blast Protection Blankets and Curtains:
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Durability
  • Multi-Event Capability`
  • Fire Retardant
  • Custom Design for Required Specifications
  • Can be Engineered to Counter Different Threat Levels

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