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BlastTac® Blast Curtains – Industrial, Oil and Gas, Police & Aerospace

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BlastTac® blast curtains and blankets are the finest in portable protection systems. Our military grade curtains and blankets provide exceptional blast protection and are manufactured in the USA at our facility in Amsterdam, NY.  Breton Industries has been in operation as a U.S. Military Contractor since 1949. We use our experience to design, engineer and manufacture the BlastTac product line.

BlastTac offers protection from ballistic, frag, fire and arc flash as well as limited chemical protection. Through extensive development and testing, our blast curtains and blankets offer the latest in advanced technology. BlastTac never uses a “one size fits all” approach. Our blast curtains are designed and engineered to meet the safety demands of a variety of different industries. BlastTac has over 34 blast curtain and blanket variations across five categories including; Aerospace, Commercial / Industrial, Oil / Gas,  Police / Military, and FireMax Protection. BlastTac can custom engineer blast protection to fit specialized applications required by your specific industry.

Our blast curtains and blankets are unmatched in innovation and performance. BlastTac offers superior effectiveness in extreme applications where frag, ballistic, fire or arc protection is required. Our 9853 and 10020 material utilizes new Core Matrix® Technology, which can significantly reduce back-face trauma while increasing ballistic and fragmentation performance. This unique engineering also eliminates and reduces the need for layer counting, quilting and lamination. Core Matrix® Technology material offers unbeatable performance against all types of blast, high-speed frag and high-pressure applications. Ballistic protection products are made with Core Matrix Technology and are effective against deformable as well as non-deformable threats, which are more common and lethal than bullets. Our unidirectional AmourCore® 121 is added and engineered for a high level of flexibility and strong performance.

BlastTac® blast curtains are portable protection systems that are more effective than steel and are incredibly lightweight.

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