Blastac® AB Series blast blankets are engineered and manufactured specifically for the high performance demands in the Aerospace industry.
Blastac® CB Series commercial and industrial blast blankets are designed for a wide variety of uses including, frag, debris, pressure, fire and thermal protection.
Blastac® MB Series blast blankets are used in all branches of the U.S. Military as well as the MOD for operations, installations and equipment.
Blastac® SB Series blast blankets are used in the oil and gas industry for offshore rig applications, refineries, pressure testing, and fire / thermal applications.
Blastac® EA Series blast blankets are used for arc flash, arc blast, frag, and fire protection in facilities for areas like switchgear.
Blastac® RP Series industrial blast blankets are engineered and designed for our test protection enclosures and roof closure applications.
FireMax® fire resistant blankets are designed for high-temperature applications and arc flash protection. Can be applied to any of our product lines.
Blastac® offers the most extensive line of testing in the industry.  Testing to UL752, ASTM, NFPA, (EN) FB/BR4, ISO, EN, IEC, and NIJ, we perform tests for specific applications.

BLAST BLANKETS AND Blast CURTAINS WITH UNMatched innovation and Blast protection performance

If you are looking for superior protection from blast, ballistics, fire, arc flash and frag, choose BlastTac® blast curtains and blast blankets. Our blast curtains and blast blankets are the world’s finest because they are constructed with U.S. Military grade materials and manufactured in the USA. Our products are engineered specifically for industries including: Industrial, Oil and Gas, Fire, Military, Construction, Demolition, Police and Homeland Security.

The BlastTac line is UL 752 certified to levels 1, 2 and 3+ in bullet resistance. Each individual series also offers its own capabilities in accordance with the safety demands of the previously listed industries. Our series include: the AB Series (aerospace applications) the CB Series (commercial and industrial applications), the SB Series (gas and oil applications), the MB Series (military and police applications), the FM Series (high-temperature applications), the PB Series (high-security applications), and the XB Series (ballistic and blast applications).


For protection in high-temperature applications, FireMax® technology is applicable to any series across the BlastTac line. FireMax blast curtains and blast blankets provide category 4+ protection against fire, heat and arc flash. In addition, they are truly non-flammable and, as a result, they will not burn, melt, or ignite and will remarkably shed molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids and other molten substances. Similarly, FireMax blast curtains and blast blankets are also re-usable even after intense heat and flame exposure.

Our curtains and blankets are also engineered using 1050 deiner, U.S. Military grade ballistic nylon, for extreme durability and waterproof protection. Because the BlastTac line includes over 43 standard variations of blast curtains and blast blankets, we can create a product that works for you. Furthermore, if you require protection in a unique application, we also offer custom engineering services to design and develop a product tailored to your specifications.

All of our blast curtains and blast blankets are manufactured here at Breton Industries and then tested by an independent lab, Chesapeake Testing, in Maryland.

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